WPA Amway Cup in Taiwan

8 Mar

I already played one event this year but the season really kicks off with the first world ranking event of 2012, the Amway Cup in Taipei/Taiwan. For many years we have played at this event in Taipei and it is still one of the best tournaments that we have on the women’s tour. I am really looking forward to play in Taiwan’s capital. Once again the event will be held at the Taimall shopping center in Taoyuan. The press conference will be on the 14th of March and the matches will start on Thursday the 15th of March. By that time I will have more information and the players chart.

48 players will compete in 8 groups of 6 for the prestigious title. In the group stages it is a race to 7 and the top 3 of every group will advance to the final round. The Nr. 1 player of every group will be seeded into final round 2.

Here you can follow the group results online!!

Schedule of the group stages:

I am seeded into group B:

Jasmin Ouschan (AUT), Yun Mi Lim (KOR), Amanda Rahayu (INA), Taylor Meyer (AUS), Yuan Chun Lin (TPE), Dou Dou Zhou (CHN).

Thursday 15th of March

10:20 am Jasmin Ouschan vs. Dou Dou Zhou (CHN)   7:6

3:00 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Taylor Meyer (AUS)   7:1

8:10 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Amanda Rahayu (INA)   7:2

WPA Amway Cup in Taiwan

Match 1 against Dou Dou Zhou (CHN)

Friday 16th of March

12:50 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Yun Mi Lim (KOR)   4:7

5:10 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Yuan Chun Lin (TPE)   7:1 (TV table)

WPA Amway Cup in Taiwan

Jasmins match on the TV table

Here you can see the tournament chart of the final round!

Here you can see the live scoring of the final round! (scroll all the way down)

Saturday 17th of March (final rounds)

Since I finished my group as the Nr. 1 I am seeded into the second final round!

4:00 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Tan Ho Yun (TPE)   7:4

Sunday 18th of March Ouarterfinal

1:00 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Ga Young Kim (KOR) 9:7


5:00 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Xiao Ting Pan (CHN) 9:6


7:30 pm Jasmin Ouschan vs. Chou (TPE) 9:11

“In the final I was trailing all the time until 9:9 and I did have a good chance to finally take the lead but a position mistake changed that. Even though I lost in the final, it was an amazing event for me. I played really well and had a great time on the table. I am looking forward to the next world ranking event.”

WPA Amway Cup in Taiwan

Si-ming Chen, winner Chieh-Yu Chou, Amway boss, me and Xiao Ting Pan

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