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In 1992 a second split occurred due to the introduction of the world rules, which were very different.  Some talk from Melbourne may have also contributed to the split.  So the Traralgon 8 Ball Association was started, however it came to an end around 1999. The teams from that league either folded or joined the LV8BA.  The League had capped itself to 12 teams with a final 4, but allowed itself to grow to 14 teams when the Traralgon League folded.  By 2001 the LV8BA had grown to 19 teams with a final 6.  In 2002, two divisions were created consisting of 9 teams in each division with a final 4. By 2005 and 2006 there were 23 teams in the competition with 12 in division one and 11 in division two.  There were over 190 players on the books in 2005/06.  Pool had become very popular, in fact at that time it was the fastest growing sport in Victoria. Since then player numbers have fluctuated.  This year the Association has 19 teams in the competition, though if there were different circumstances for instance if Churchill had a pub, we could possibly have a full book of 24 teams.  Pool remains popular and its future looks bright.

Andrew O Neill
President LV8BA 2010


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