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North West Cues was founded by Kevin Muncaster from Preston in England who has been making and repairing cue sports for over 20 years. Kevin is a skilled cue smith who takes great pride in creating cues of great quality and perhaps more importantly, he creates cues that are tailor-made to the individual customer’s requirements from carefully selected materials.

Kevin Muncaster of North West cues fame originally started at Barracuda cues.He is still making cues today and made John Higgins cue. Mark Williams used to use a Barracuda Gold Medal as well.The Barracuda Kirkham , hand spliced is a cue worth looking out for and is highly desirable.There are many threads on this forum relating to NW Cues and Barracuda , as many people will tell you though " older is better " , an older Barracuda may even be weight stamped , although this was only done for a short time and indeed Barracuda was the only company I know to have done this,recently. I have a one piece , weght stamped 16oz ( & it is ) , Barracuda Professional . It is machine spliced,in ash and is as straight as the day it was made, beautiful playing cue as well.Hope this also helps , you can now research further using the threads on this forum.


  • Street: Unit 1 Croft Butts Lane
  • City: Freckleton
  • State: Preston
  • Postcode: PR4 1RB


  • Phone: 01772 679391
  • Fax: 0771 679391
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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