Team World Championship Beijing

11 Aug

After the amazing team victory at the European Championships this year in Kyrenia/North Cyprus, team Austria got a spot for the team world championships in Beijing/China. The team world championship is a mixed event because the teams include 4 players, 3 men and 1 woman. There are always 6 matches to play (8-Ball doubles, 8-Ball single, two 9-Ball single matches, 10-Ball doubles, 10-Ball single). The first team to reach 4 points wins the match. In a case of tie (only in the final rounds) a shootout will determine the winner.

Day 1 (Tuesday 29th of July)

Team Austria vs. Team Germany Score: 2:4

Team Austria vs. Team Great Britain Score: 3:3 

Day 2 (Wednesday 30th of July)

Team Austria vs. Team South Africa Score: 6:0

Day 3 Last 16 (Thursday 31st of July)

Team Austria vs. Team Taiwan Score: 2:4


“The first day was the most important day and we could have won both matches against Germany and Great Britain. That would have changed our ranking after the group stages. Playing Taiwan in the first final round is not exactly the easiest draw. It was a lot of fun to play in a team competition for a change and I hope we get another chance at the next team world championship.”


Team World Championship Beijing

Team Austria: Jasmin Ouschan, Mario He, Juergen Jenisy, Albin Ouschan

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