Carinthian Sports Award 2011

27 Dec

And once again it was time for the Carinthian Sportswoman of the year award. The top athletes of the year were crowned by the Carinthian sports press club. 60 sports journalists voted for their Nr.1 of the year. 41 voted for me to be the Nr.1 this year. Sportsman of the year was once again Thomas Morgenstern the ski jumping king, who won pretty much everything in 2011. So this was my fifth sportwoman award and I am very proud of that. A few years ago I would have never thought that I could get one of those awards because lets face it, billiards is not a very popular sport here in Austria compared to all our ski stars. So because of that it means even more to me, my trainer and the billiard sport.

Here are the rest of the awards:

Team sport: Posojilnica Aich/Dob (Volleyball)

Rookie of the year: Lisa Peterer (Triathlon)

Handicapped sportswoman of the year: Maria Luise Weber ( Target shooter)

Handicapped sportsman of the year: Karl Stefan (Wheelchair Tennis)

Sports career award (as an athlete and functionary): Fred Winkler (Allrounder)

I want to thank the sports press club here in Carinthia for their votes. I am looking foward to an even better season in 2012!

Carinthian Sports Award 2011
Jasmin with ski jumping king Thomas Morgenstern
Carinthian Sports Award 2011

Jasmin on stage with Gauper (Raiffeisen bank left) and Kaiser (deputy governor right)


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