Austrian Sports Award 2011

9 Nov

Today is the day where all sports enthusiasts in Austria look to the Eventpyramide in Voesendorf, close to Vienna, where the sportsman and sportswoman of the year will be crowned. For the first time in my professional career I am one of the top 5 sportswomen in the country.

Austria is a skiing country and to be in a sport like billiards,which is not as highly acknowledged as others here, it is an even bigger honour to be nominated.

“I am really excited about this event tonight and even if I don´t win, it is an amazing honour for me and my sport to be nominated.”

The event starts tonight at 6:pm in the Eventpyramide in Voesendorf. I will post the outcome of this award show tomorrow on my website.

Unfortunately I did not win but I am still happy about my nomination. Elisabeth Goergl is the Sportswoman of the year due to her 2 gold medals at the Ski World Championship.

The other nominees are:

Anna Fenninger (Ski Alpin)

Elisabeth Goergl (Ski Alpin)

Corinna Kuhnle (Kanu)

Marlies Schild (Ski Alpin)

Nominees Sportsman of the year:

Michael Grabner (Icehockey)

Benjamin Karl (Snowboard)

Juergen Melzer (Tennis)

Thomas Morgenstern (Ski jumping)

Gregor Schlierenzauer (Ski jumping)

Austrian Sports Award 2011

Jasmin with Zafoschnig (left), Gerhard Hauer President FICEP (center) and Hans-Werner Megymorez (right)

Austrian Sports Award 2011

Sportswoman of the year Goergl (Ski Alpin)

Austrian Sports Award 2011

Sportsman of the year Morgenstern

Austrian Sports Award 2011

The winners

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