A cue is the most vital element in the game of Snooker and it is essential to own your snooker cue if you are actually looking forward to develop your ability in playing the game. While you are buying a cue you will get a variety of choices. Choosing the right type of cue is very important when you wish to excel in the game.  Bought cues may come with a cue tip pre-installled.  make sure that this tip is suitable for you before playing.  Some cheaper cues will install an extremely poor variety of tip on the cue while custom cue makers will often ask which type of tip you prefer to be installed.

The standard length of a cue is around fifty-eight inches and the recommended weight should be not more than seventeen ounces. Snooker cue tip vary in sizes but 10 millimeters is taken to be the standard size. Although experts use 9mm and 11mm tip sizes, it is best to learn the game in a 10mm tip size. At the end of the cue a ferrule remains attached so that it can prevent the tip from splitting.

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