If you are playing Snooker then it is very important for you know about the cue tips. There are different types and fittings of cue tips available in the market.

Hard tips are really good to use but it ‘s a players personal preference which tips are best.

Here are some very popular cue tips,

-Elk Master is a fine tip made by Tweeten and it is regarded as the most popular soft cue tip across the globe.  This is one of the most popular tips for snooker.

-LePro is one of the most popular cue tip used across the world. This is a medium hard tip.

-Moori is a type of a layered cue tip. This cue tip manufactured from pigskin. This is the choice of the professionals. It is available in all types such as hard, medium, and soft.  Layered tips give a different feel and consistency of shot.

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