The final was played between Ben Judge from Perth who defeated Karl O'Donoghue from Ireland 5-4 after being 4-1 down, a massive effort from Ben to hold his nerve and claw his way back and to win the match. Some other finals results were:

Roy Tan    
Steve Tran Steve Tran  
    Karl O'Donoghue 4
Karl O'Donoghue Karl O'Donoghue  
Ben Nunan    
    "Ben Judge"
John 'Rusty' Wheeler    
Ben Judge Ben Judge  
    Ben Judge 5
Kurt Dunham Kurt Dunham  
Wayne Stubbs    

Congratulations to all of the finalists on their efforts. Overall we paid out over $20,000 in cash prizes from Friday night to the Sunday night, not bad for a tournament that was nearly cancelled after its 3rd year due to the lack of support and running at a loss.