Turn Your Garage into a Game Room

Turn Your Garage into a Game Room

A game room is a great addition to any home, and in many cases it is a better alternative to keeping a vehicle in the garage (or if you have a two car garage, converting one side of it into a game room).  If you’re looking for some private space to watch the game, or maybe a big enough space to put that pool table you’ve had your eye on, the garage just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Turning your garage into a game room is an easy, cost-effective way to get the game room convenience without having to sacrifice space elsewhere, or having to put a foosball table in a place where it doesn’t belong, like the back of the living room. You might even be able to move your television out of the family room to be more conducive to conversation flow.

Where to Start

The first thing you should ask yourself is, “what am I doing with my garage already?” If you’re using your garage for something other than keeping your car, you might think about having a garage sale, or moving those boxes up to the attic or a to a coat closet. Metal buildings aren’t terribly expensive, so if you’re lacking storage space, you might think about having one built.

If your garage is where you store your car, then turning your garage into a game room is still possible, depending on the garage’s size. It’s a good idea to test the new situation for a week or so, before you go out and fill up your game room with a bunch of new toys like a predator p3 black luxe pool cue, to make sure it’s safe and not too much of an inconvenience for you.

Now What?

Once you’ve cleared out the space in your garage, you can decide whether to remove the garage doors to make the room appear more like the rest of the house – by adding walls and flooring other than the concrete floor and unfinished walls of most garages. This won’t be too much of a task as garage doors are not “load bearing”. Keep in mind, however, that if you go to sell your home later on down the road, a garage is a big plus – so if you have just a small garage you might be better off converting a room in the basement or elsewhere into a game room or building an extension onto the home.

If you do just keep your regular garage doors, you may want to consider adding additional security features as most garages are the main entry point for most would-be thieves.  Billiard tables and custom hard top pool table cover are a nice addition to any game room, but be sure you have enough space to allow for a 4-6 foot perimeter around the table for shooting space. If you are going to have a TV in your game room, you’ll have to first make sure you have all the proper electrical and cable accommodations for it.

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