Must Haves for Every Game and Billiard Room

Must Haves for Every Game and Billiard Room

A piece of steak on a plate does not constitute a meal and a billiard table in the middle of a room does not a game room make.  Ancillary equipment and added accents are required to give your game room that fun feel.  Your game room should provide a light and lively diversion from the everyday grind of life. Here are some must haves for an awesome game or billiard room.

Dart boards – dart boards can be as simple as a cork board with steel tipped darts and a chalkboard for scorekeeping to an electronic talking board with plastic tipped darts and automatic score keeping

Arcade games – arcade games have become a nostalgic item for many people in their thirties and forties.  Plenty of your friends will enjoy a wistful game of Asteroids or Pac–Man as well as other similar games that were popular in their teens.

Stereo system – you don’t need a stereo system that will blast your eardrums out.  This is your game room not a Who concert.  A simple Am FM CD player that will provide background music will be great.  People enjoy some mood music while still being able to participate in a casual conversation.

Popcorn Machine – a popcorn machine that steam pops the corn will provide plenty of snack goodies as well as a friendly, homey aroma.  Popcorn carts can be had at a reasonable price and are exceedingly decorative and festive.

Pinball machines – akin to arcade games, pinball machines are very popular in game rooms.  So much so that it has become relatively easy to find rebuilt machines for sale online and in larger cities.  Repairmen and parts are also readily available.

Jukebox – everybody likes a jukebox.  Used, old style jukeboxes can be found online.  They can be expensive however and replacement parts can also be difficult to locate.  There is a new style jukebox available that uses compact disk technology.  Many of these modern jukeboxes with few mechanical parts are designed to resemble the old style jukeboxes while reducing the need for continual repairs.

Refrigerator – almost everybody appreciates a cool drink while they’re passing their time in the game room.  While the refrigerator lacks the pizzazz of some of the other items on this list, it truly is a must have.  Nothing large or fancy is necessary.  As long as the drinks are cold people will be happy.

Vending machine – if you absolutely think a refrigerator is too uncool, try a vending machine.  It will dress up the room and keep the drinks cool.  Also, you can make your friends pay for their own drinks (or not).

There are countless ways to bedeck your game room.  Above are eight of the must haves, and there are many more, like having a few predator p3 pool cues.  Adding any or all of these items to your game or billiard room will liven up the joint and provide innumerable hours of fun and relaxation for you, your family and friends.

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