Once you’ve made the decision to purchase a billiard table, you are presented with the task of choosing which one is right for you. There are many different factors that could determine which one you should buy including, how big it is, what it’s made from, the size and material of the pockets, and the strength of the railing.

Where to Start

You should start your decision of which billiard table to purchase by asking, “Who’s going to use it?” This is important because a professional billiards player will need a regulation size pool table, made with higher quality materials. In fact, the regulation slate (the base of the table that the cloth goes on) must be 1” thick and in 3 pieces. If your billiard table is going to be used primarily for children, you may be able to get a smaller table, made with less expensive materials, as they will likely not be banging off the rails very hard.

A quality billiard table will be made from solid wood. This is the best option for you if you are an advanced billiards player, or if you plan to keep the table for many years. Cheaper billiard tables are made from some type of laminate covering over another type of wood.

The railing is the most important part of the billiard table. A cheap railing will shorten the life of your pool table dramatically. The railing is made up of a sub-rail and rail cushion. The highest quality sub-rail will be made from solid wood. This is recommended for advanced players, as it allows for the most accurate rebounding of the balls. Rail cushions should be determined by the percentage of “live gum rubber.” A higher percentage of live gum rubber denotes a better quality pool table.

Table Space

The next question to ask is, “Where am I going to put it?” The room you put it in is very important, as you will not only need enough room for the table itself, but also an extra 4-6 foot perimeter around the table to allow space for the shooter using a predator p3 black luxe pool cue. A regulation billiard table is 9 feet long and thus will need about 15 feet of room, to allow for shooter space. However, a child, who uses a smaller cue, may only need a couple feet for shooter space, and a smaller table. A smaller table, for a child to use will likely be 7 feet long.  Now that you know the ins-and-outs of purchasing a billiard table, you should be confident in your ability to make the best decision for your upcoming purchase.

Saving Money on Billiard Tables

There are many online retailers who specifically sell billiard or pool tables, and buying online is a great way to save money – if the retailer offers discounted freight shipping.  You can also find pool cues, leather cue cases, and other pool accessories online at a discount, including décor for the billiard room or rec room, like lamps, stools, rugs, and more.

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