Adam Musashi Cues.

Experience the Art of War! Adam Musashi Super-Pro, Model 1, comes with own velvet bag, 2 ACSS shafts made of Professional quality Canadian maple with pro taper, wooden joint protectors, ABS high impact ferrule, high quality brown Irish linen wrap with black specks & Moori tip. Evoking memories of the samurai, this is a true masterpiece from Adam “Musashi”. This awe-inspiring, sublime cue has a natural birdseye & curly maple forearm and butt sleeve with elongated diamond shaped cocobolo inlays. There are five sets of very impressive double nickel silver & ebony checkerboard dash inlaid box rings. They are placed on either side of the flat faced white impex joint, the linen wrap and at the butt cap. The new “Musashi” cues have the latest innovation from Adam Japan, the new ACSS shaft:

  • “Adam Centre-Core Super Shaft”.

The research and development of this shaft has been a combination of the Adam cue factory and the University of Japan and is only to be found on the highest quality Adam cues such as the Adam “Musashi” pool cues and on the Adam “World – Class” carom cues. The construction of the ACSS shaft is of course top secret! What we can disclose is that a hole is bored in a certain pattern, from the bottom of the shaft completely to the top of the shaft, after which “space-age secret components” are injected, to line the inside of the shaft giving you the following advantages:

  • Less deflection.
  • Minimizes vibrations.
  • The shaft is very light and enormously stiff.
  • Improves overall balance.
  • Better cue ball control.
  • Creates more spin than any other available shaft.

Of course the butt part of this “Musashi” Adam pool cue is made out of the finest wooden materials and veneers available in the world, put together by the best and purist type of Japanese craftsmanship.

The Japanese say: “It doesn’t matter what you are doing, as long as what you are doing, you are doing the best!” As always, Adam takes this saying very seriously when producing their “Musashi” cues.

Adam Musashi Superpro Model 1

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