Ronan McCarthy wins JLEC English OpenRonan McCarthy was crowned the JLEC English Open Champion 2012 in the small hours of Sunday morning after a great battle with Marc Farnsworth that eventually ended 8-6.

The Semi final line up saw  Ronan McCarthy against Adam Davis and Marc Farnsworth against Jordan Shepherd,the temperature was beginning to rise as you could tell all four felt they hadserious chances, but at this level all the games seem sure to be tight and so it turned out with some real nip and tuck games according to script.  Some of the attacking elements seemed to go in to hibernation (well, it is like winter out there), but then the tactical side is just as much a part of modern 8 ball pool as pure potting ability so a bit for the purists as well as for the attack minded, as the competition reached its conclusion.

Busy tweeting results, I missed Marc beating Jordan but caught the end of Ronan beating Adam (as all my hopes turned to dust), but it
did at least give me the chance to actually watch the final despite how late it was. Trying to describe a game of pool is not the easiest task in the world and I defy a Tennyson or Kipling to go in to detail without being overly repetitive, so suffice to say that Marc built up an early lead at 6-3 before a fine Ronan comeback gave us a final score of 8-6 to the new JLEC English Open Champion Ronan McCarthy. The game was generally played in a more attacking manner than I expected with the odd exception and despite a few (surprising) dry breaks (Ronan the culprit, three times I think but don’t quote me), the pool was of the highest quality considering the pressure and worth delaying a trip to dreamland for!


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