How to prevent termites

If termites are left alone, the wood of the house will gradually be eaten and the building of the house will become fragile, which is very dangerous. As a preventive measure against such termites, it is important not to leave the wood that serves as food around the house and to properly repair places that are susceptible to moisture such as condensation. It is also important to have good ventilation and good ventilation of the house.
However, once a termite has been nested, damage will continue from there unless it is properly treated. In such cases, you must get the vendor to properly disinfect them.

If you can ask the vendor to properly find the disinfecting termites or find the damaged area, contact the termite exterminating company or the pest exterminating company.
It treats termite nests from the root with a special agent.
The contractor will also inspect the termites for settlement. If you are worried that you will not be damaged, it is safe to have it checked.
Termites, which can cause damage to important houses if left alone, are recommended to have a proper contractor get rid of them.