How-To Rack 9-Ball Pool

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Step 1


Place the 1-ball at the front of your rack.

Step 2


Follow with the 2 and 3 balls behind.

Step 3


Lay the 4 ball behind the 2 ball. Place the 9 ball next to the 4, and the 5 ball on the outside of the 9 ball.

Step 4


Place the 6 ball centered behind the 4 and 9 ball. Do the same with the 7 ball laying next to the 6.

Step 5


Place the 8 ball centered behind the 7 and 6 balls. If looking at the rack towards the shooter, you should see the even balls on the left side of the 9, while the odd balls lay on the 9’s right side.

Step 6


Tighten up the rack and align the 1 ball is centered to the 2nd diamond in. You will find the diamond shapes on the sides of your table.