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OB Cues Ladies Tour Championship Stop Brings 1st Tour Win for Terry Petrosino csa 997
Brunswick Announces Holiday Promotion Super User 830
James Spires csa 688
The Last Hoorah Wins APA Illinois State Invitational csa 697
2010 Great Lakes Invitational Champion Crowned csa 683
National Singles Championship Video Now Available! csa 640
Cristina Instruction: All is Fair in Love and Pool csa 663
David Shaw csa 693
3-Year-Old Pool Prodigy Wows Crowd at U.S. Open csa 753
Cristina Instruction: I’d Rather Be the Worst Than the Best csa 4766
Amanda Lampert Back-2-Back OB Cues Ladies Tour Wins csa 1041
New APA National Discount: Grand Canyon Railway csa 797
Master Instructional Series with APA Co-Founder Terry Bell csa 648
APA Player Featured on House Hunters csa 603
WPBA Launches New Website at Atlanta Classic Super User 692
Cristina Instruction: Key 9-Ball Safety Shots csa 734
Billiard Congress of America Inks Deal with Coca-Cola Super User 831
Matthew Grenz csa 750
Andy Segal Crowned ESPN Trick Shot Magic Champion csa 708
WPBA Membership Drive Telethon at the Atlanta Classic Super User 665
The Black Widow Welcomes Baby Girl csa 577
P&B Readers Invited to Participate in Survey Super User 691
Cristina Instruction: You Have to Learn How to Lose Before You Can Learn How to Win csa 711
Annee Milewski csa 670
Working Advantage csa 703
Cristina Instruction: Preparing for Tournaments csa 729
Mike McDaniels csa 712
Cristina Instruction: In Over Your Head csa 736
Davis Lastrapes csa 716
Cristina Instruction: Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses csa 637
Cristina's Introduction to APA / Pro Players Play Safeties, Too! csa 761
APA Play is Smokin' at Smokehouse Billiards Pool Hall in Myrtle Beach, SC csa 762
Women’s Pool – WPBA Kicks Off 2010 Season At Viejas Casino csa 4871
Women’s Pool – Kantor third at B.C.s csa 4662
Women’s Pool – U.S. open nine-Ball Championship – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia csa 3918
Fisher, Reyes Named USBMA Players of the Decade csa 854
Jasmin Ouschan wins WPBA Pacific Coast Classic 2009 csa 866
Women’s Pool – Women’s 9-Ball in Colorado Down to Final Four csa 4233
Lesson 10: In Parting, My Greatest Tips for Playing Great Pool csa 767
Women’s Pool U.S. Open 10-Ball Championship Invites WPBA Participation csa 4292
Pool and Billiards DVDs csa 575
Lesson 9: Your Equipment Demystified csa 821
Womens 9-Ball Pool World Championship csa 872
Pool and Billiards Books csa 677
Billiards Products csa 580
Free Online Pool csa 604
Pool And Billiards Accessories csa 689
Pool 101 cont. csa 662
How To Play Pool - Aiming csa 820
How To Bank 4 csa 698
How To Bank 2 csa 696
How To Bank 3 csa 868
How To Bank In Pool csa 665
lightningpool2 csa 565
blastbilliards2 csa 633
blastbilliards csa 564
9ball csa 543
Pool Table Layout csa 861
Lesson 8: Responding to FAQs from APA Members csa 686
Trick Shot 10: 2 Plus 2 - For You csa 634
Trick Shot 9: 3 Balls, 3 Pockets 3 Cushions csa 689
Lesson 7: To Coach or Not to Coach? csa 632
Trick Shot 8: Adjustment csa 623
Lesson 6: Playing an Opponent with a Higher or Lower Skill Level Than Your Own csa 704
Lesson 5: Preparing for Nationals, Individually and as a Team csa 711
Trick Shot 7: I Think I'll Transfer csa 746
Learn To Play Pool In 10 Minutes csa 629
Trick Shot 6: Ball In Hand Shortcut csa 808
Lesson 4: Overcoming Nervousness in a Match csa 701
Lesson 3: 8-Ball Strategy for SL5s and Above csa 726
Trick Shot 5: The Doctor Is In - A Secret of Sorts csa 644
Lesson 2: 8-Ball Strategy for SL2s, 3s and 4s csa 712
Trick Shot 4: The Move Rule csa 590
Lesson 1: Breaking and the Rack csa 605
Comment Page csa 722
Trick Shot 3: Cue Ball - Away csa 745
Trick Shot 2: A Change In Your Game csa 637
Trick Shot 1: The Snake Shot (15 Ball Combination) csa 711
Racking For 9-Ball csa 531
Racking For 8-Ball csa 600
Hitting The Cue Ball csa 662
How to Do Pool Bridges csa 643
Interesting Pool Articles csa 557