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Shane Van Boening Wins Derby City One Pocket! Cue Sports 604
John Morra Wins Bank Pool in Derby City Cue Sports 674
2012 WPBA Masters Cue Sports 676
Yuri Wright Is Headed to CU? Seriously? No, Seriously??? Cue Sports 593
Cristina Instruction: Kicking with a Purpose csa 877
APA Members of the Military - We Want to Hear From You! csa 782
New APA National Discount: Outdoor Living csa 679
How-To Pool Videos csa 686
Pool Synergy – What If the Cool Kids Played Pool? Cue Sports 3863
C’mon Sales Guy, Really? Cue Sports 3602
New APA National Discount: Daytona International Speedway csa 771
2012 CU Football Yo! Cue Sports 659
Missing The Good Old Videogame Days Cue Sports 569
Resolutions: 2012 Edition Cue Sports 578
The Jewish Omnivore – Brisket Cue Sports 4087
Cristina Instruction: 2-Rail Kicking System csa 933
Pool and Recharging Your Batteries csa 700
Enterprise Offering Discounted Vehicle Pricing csa 814
The Real SEO Customer Bill of Rights #3 – Walking the Talk Cue Sports 4823
Europe One Point Away from Mosconi Cup Victory! Cue Sports 602
A Shining Light Cue Sports 655
The Absurdity of the Epiphany Cue Sports 681
Oops… She Did It Again – Lisa Marr – 4-Time OB Cues Ladies Tour Champion! csa 4369
U.S. Amateur Champion Featured in Sports Illustrated csa 767
Cyber Monday, I So Love/Hate You Cue Sports 671
Loi Kemple csa 925
Cristina Instruction: Mastering Rail First Shots csa 863
Today in Antisemetic Advertising – Wodka Vodka Cue Sports 3334
Case Study – Frag Dolls vs Rack Starz Cue Sports 4315
T-Mobile Subliminal Goodness Cue Sports 730
What I’m Thankful For, Poolwise csa 649
2011 U.S. Amateur Championship Results csa 839
Predator Releases Newest Cues in Ikon Series Super User 732
Latonia Taylor csa 922
Cristina Instruction: Run Out More 8-Ball Racks csa 882
Orietta Strickland Takes Over #1 Spot on OB Cues Ladies Tour Ranking for 2011 csa 1236
Sharking? What Sharking? csa 767
Cristina Instruction: Tee Shot vs. Break Shot csa 948
Bi Zhu-Qing – Womens World 9-Ball Champion 2011 csa 5873
Women’s World 9-Ball Championships – Last 16 csa 4910
Womens World 9-Ball Championship Results and Brackets csa 1220
World 9-Ball 2011 Opening Ceremony csa 1342
Womens World 9-Ball Championships 2011 schedule csa 1125
Womens World 9-Ball Championships 2011 begin next week csa 1278
Polish girl wins Junior World 9-Ball Championship csa 1214
OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour – upcoming events csa 4952
The MissCues Regional Tour – upcoming events csa 4727
J. Pechauer NorthEast Women’s Tour csa 5646
Flamingo Billiards Tour csa 1202
Arizona Women’s Billiard Tour – Event #3, 2011 csa 4659
PoolSynergy #24 – Practice: What’s Worked csa 707
Practice: What has/hasn’t Worked for Me csa 697
Scott Johns csa 647
Introducing Simonis Cloth Classic Tours Super User 755
Cristina Instruction: You Are What You Think You Are csa 676
10 Useful (and Fun) Shots csa 721
Team Havoc csa 803
Cristina Instruction: 10 Tips to Change Your Game csa 808
One Older Player to Another csa 675
Mother and Daughter Petrosinos take top prizes at OB Cues Ladies Tour csa 1138
Cristina Instruction: Finding the Tangent Line csa 918
Pool for Beginners.com csa 790
Pool And Billiards Rules csa 627
Predator to Open Asian Office Super User 851
Matt Hepburn csa 799
Mitch Laurance to Receive Humanitarian Award Super User 735
Cristina Instruction: Back to the Basics csa 742
Allison Fisher Joins Dragon Promotions Super User 989
Brianne Breniser csa 901
Best Sportsman of the Year Award – new in 2011 csa 4350
Estimated minimum $3000 added for OB Cues Ladies Tour Championship Stop csa 1472
My Favorite Game – Straight Pool csa 665
APA Donates $5,000 to Relief Efforts in Japan Super User 701
Press Release – OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour: 2nd Stop Qualifier for 2011 WPBA US Open – WPBA Texas State Championships! csa 4224
Ray Miller csa 724
ScoreBig - No hustle, just great ticket deals and $10 csa 679
Cristina Instruction: Short-Rail Kicks csa 743
APA League Operator Named in Orange County’s “Top 20 Women to Watch in 2011” csa 4731
APA League Operator Wins 2011 World Artistic Pool Championship csa 772
“Salt City Billiards” Welcomes APA Spring Singles Regional Tournament to Syracuse, New York csa 3610
Frank’s New York Deli in Arden, NC Feeds Blue Ridge APA Members at a Discount! csa 3991
APA Black Widow Tour New York Video Highlights! csa 752
James Haslip csa 838
Cristina Instruction: Coaching csa 787
APA Black Widow Tour Miami Video Recap csa 745
Black Widow Featured in Times Square csa 723
APA Black Widow Tour Chicago Video Recap csa 642
Predator MyKon Billiard Cue-Design Contest Narrowed to Two Finalists Super User 824
Check Out this New Video Featuring Footage from the APA Black Widow Tour! csa 729
BEF Unveils Cool New Pool Poster Super User 713
Bill Morse csa 764
Akron/Canton APA Road Trip - The Perfect Cure for Snowmageddon 2011! csa 860
Cristina Instruction: Setting Goals for the New Year csa 749
POOL300 joins as a Co-Sponsor of the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour csa 1105
APA Black Widow Tour Facebook Page Now Available csa 1044
Jim Adams csa 821
Cristina Instruction: Using English to Find New Paths for Shape csa 771
Brunswick Facebook Fans: Win a Piece of Billiards History! Super User 880
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas in Pool Town! TSKRSKR5BPUX Super User 761