Women’s Pool – Women’s 9-Ball in Colorado Down to Final Four

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Women’s Pool – A field of 64 players were in just four players preparing for today’s semi sealed ESPN Action final cut in Ignacio, Colorado. The first is the dreaded Kelly Kwikfire “Fisher vs. everyone’s favorite Spider, Black Widow, Jeanette Lee. The following is a battle between the Asian-Ga-Young Kim, Korean and Chinese Pan Xiaoting. And there was more emotion in the Sky Ute Casino to get to this point. Read) on one side, loss, Jeanette Lee (photo, grew after the loss of a hill-hill Pan Xiaoting played yesterday disadvantages limit Billiards owner Janet Atwell. Kim Lone Star White pairs against Melissa Little CO preferred, while Megan Smith, who came back from deficits in two games he has played the chance to win the 16 latecomers perennial top seed Kim Shaw. Finally, we find a new mother, Cathy Metzinger against Kelly Fisher. Cathy was charged back and played in pain, but tougher out with the first game of his match-Flow Web Services. Kelly reached the first hill, a 8-4, ending the game at 9 -4. Cathy, we wish him a speedy recovery and good luck with your toddler. Jeanette has a respectable showing, and Janet ended the game 9-2. Janet tied at 17. Melissa Little started strongly with a 6-3 lead to Kim White, a conclusion on the game at 9 -5. The game between Kim and Megan Shaw Smith remained close to 6-5 with Kim Kim broke up the middle to reach the hill 8-6. Kim was counted for the game, but the ball jaws 7 and Megan moved in a game, up 7-8, but could not find a victory of 3 come from behind, and Kim Shaw was winning 9-7 in the last 16 First Instead, Julie Kelly was against New Mexico player, Anna Kostanian, Tracie Hines, after a great season taking a sabbatical, Gerda Hofstatter disadvantages, which are themselves in nearly every battle of this year’s tournament. Thorn Helen Feldt, Vivian Villarreal lost in a close game on Friday night, he came face to regional WPBA Tour player, Liz Taylor. Liz defeated Iris Ranola range. Finally, the # 1 seed for this event, Monica Webb played against Yu Ram Cha. Yu Ram was handed over to page 1 in the second round defeat against Japan, Kyoko Sone, while Monica was beaten in the game won his Round 3 Disc Versus Sarah “The Heartbreaker” ROUSEY. Yu Ram Cha advance a 4-1 lead in the first Monica Webb, however, weakened, Monica, who allowed a game with 4.5 and technology around. Gerda was a preview of Game 2, 4-2 vs. Tracie Hines and Liz Taylor jumped out the door as frantic disadvantages Elena, Elena, before he was able to say 5-0 “9 Ball”. Finally sharing Julie Kelly and Anna Kostanian first games, tied 2 – everything in its path on a stage and take a lead of 2 games, 4-2. Helena finally booked a game on the board, 1-6, while Yu Ram took advantage of 2 matches Monica, 6-4. That’s how Monica struggled for consistency in all 6 and the two players traded games to go with Yu Ram reached the first hill lived to 8-7. Anna has continued to grow strongly to play 7-4 and Tracie not going to tie the game at 7 all! Liz seemed a little disappointed, but still a 7-4 advantage against Elena. In Game 13, Helena was hanged on 4 Liz, but Liz has a nice bar setting and put the 4 in the corner and had a great safety 5 After a brief gunbattle, security, Liz finished first and reached the hill 8-4 in the game and 13 were in a safety battle in the 7th are involved, with Helen getting the advantage, but he missed a tough shot in the side on 9 and Liz made the 9 ball to win 9-4. Even Anna advanced to reach the hill 8-6 Julie, and graduated from there, 9-6 match. The between Gerda and was Tracie Hill-Hill. Gerda broke and ran for 9 to cut the missing piece, a very thin exit. You nailed the shot, but it has 2 tracks with the cue ball and scratched people complained that the party Tracie finished 9 Gerda 8 of the last 16 have been identified and started the first four games.

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