Jasmin Ouschan wins WPBA Pacific Coast Classic 2009

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For Xiaoting Pan, was the first opportunity, a tournament WPBA Tour win since 2008. For Jasmin, who was his chance to win his second title this year. Both came into this game without defeat and two were shooting the lights out. Xiaoting won the lag and fell on the first play of the game at 1-0 position. Jasmin broke in two, but the game was dry, but lost the combination Xiaoting 2 / 4, Jasmin given another opportunity on the table. The provision was open, and she continued to run and play on 1 tie. Xiaoting had a break in Game 3, put a ball and relatively easy to find on the table as a result. Methodologically, we put every ball and soon was 2.1 Xiaoting advantage. Jasmin had gone down a break in Game 4, and a ball, has a severe form of the ball 1 2 took a big cut shot on the 2, preventing scratches to the face and won the great form in the last 4 continue to fail. In the Form 5 is more than ideal, but thinly sliced, about 3 lanes 6, which bind to a climax with 9 to 2 all. Xiaoting exploded in Game 5, but was forced to push and Jasmin made a major bank to 1 to continue with the division lead and up 3-2. Jasmin had the advantage of break in Game 6 and put the ball 8 with the hardliners in the 1st balloon She played a safe and runs the cue ball table, hidden behind Xiaoting 5 attempts to shoot a 3 rail bank, but gave no latitude for Jasmin bright ball in hand and take a lead of 2 games to 4-2. Xiaoting broken, but came up empty-handed, safety and short battle in the interest Xiaoting attempted in a security level of the 1-ball, hit in the back 9 for a game, 3-4. Jasmin does not explode, to make a ball, but had no Xiaoting shot. Your security is stagnating, and Jasmin began to fail, until they put the ball 6. When he tried to get the shot in the 6, is miscue, so that a noise signal to Xiaoting to tie the game at 4. Xiaoting broke in game 9, but was dry and left open Jasmin shot to start the race. It was the 1 but was forced to play a security Ball 2 lost Xiaoting. Jasmin knew I seize this opportunity, and went to take the lead in a game to 5-4. Jasmin was dry on his break and Xiaoting had opened fire on the 1 to start with this frame. She missed the 2 ball so badly, and Jasmin fell over the table, facing a cut in the choice between a hard shot into the side pocket or a safety net for the ball 2 opted for the cup and missed, but Xiaoting left no fair as the ball stopped on the opposite lane just below the side pocket. Xiaoting is, loss of a bank from the cross, but, and Jasmin had another chance at the table. She tried to stop the cue ball behind the 5 / 8 but could see Xiaoting ball to play safely, while this initiative is also stalled. Jasmin wiped the ball and 2 with ball in hand, went to the filming of Xiaoting carambola unusual 2 / 9. The 2 was 10 in the bottom rail, before 9 Ball SA, another 8 “which, according to the nature of the corner pocket to the table and for the fate Xiaoting odd carom and oohed and aahed amount of 9 was immediately if she travels to 8 ‘away, and we were all broke Xiaoting Game 5 tied at 11 with the ball 6 was a very, very hard, the ball back, missed badly and left him open to Jasmin enjoy cut the error. To his frustration, the shape of the ball 4 is straighter than I wanted and tried to pull the trick bag, fumbled. Xiaoting intensified and also missed the ball, so that a duck in the pocket. Jasmin 4 was, but behind him Snookered 7 It could see that half of the 5 and took a short jumper with position 7 Its strength derives, very few of the 8 who just got out of the bottom rail, and had the choice of a bank or a guarantee that coach Michael was anxious. We decided for security and Xiaoting could see about of the ball as a result. Xiaoting return of chemical safety, was killed leaving a bank for Jasmin.

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