Best Sportsman of the Year Award – new in 2011

Written by csa. Posted in Womens 9 Ball

Qualifications for the Sportsman Award:

Must play in half of a yearly tour season events calendar.  2011 has 6 stops therefore, the player must play in 3 stops.

Nominations come from the OB Cues Tour Board Members but players are encouraged to report ‘sportsmanlike behavior’ for a player of their choice.  Players must provide player recommendations to the OB Cues Tour Board Members via email.

Final decision is made by player vote at the Championship Stop.  Nominations will be announced by the board during the player meeting.  Players present have until 3pm Saturday to vote and winner will be presented shortly thereafter.

Sportsmanlike behavior is defined as:

Always courteous and respectful to opponents, other players, tour supporters and host site staff.

Consistently meets dress code.

A gracious winner and loser.

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