Mother and Daughter Petrosinos take top prizes at OB Cues Ladies Tour

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It was a scorching weekend both inside and out at the OB Cues Ladies Tour 3rd Stop at Billiard Den, Richardson, TX June 25th-26th.  The $2,000-added main event drew 42 entrants while the $200-added Second Chance tournament drew 12.

Very special thanks to Don Owen and Royce Bunnell for being our main tour sponsors–both OB Cues and Pool 300.    You guys know what pool players want and without you our pool dreams could not be fulfilled.  All the OB Cue products are made in the USA.  OB Cues provides top notch quality products, customer service above and beyond and we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Check them out at and

Also our hosts, Marci and Larry Rothberg, were the best ever.  Thank you for hosting us again—their 5th year in a row.  They provided the $2000 added monies and the ladies, fans, and tour supporters always enjoy the food, drinks, games and atmosphere provided by the Billiard Den.  If you have never stopped by their pool room, you are missing out and should stop by when you are in town.

It was a Petrosino weekend as Terry (Mother) and Robyn (Daughter) from Houston, TX amazed everyone with their superb play and stamina to reap the top rewards for their efforts.  On Sunday, from among the winners’ side final four, Terry defeated Orietta Strickland 7-5, as Board Member Julie Stephenson was busy sending Deedra Trammell west, double hill. Petrosino got into the hot seat with a 7-5 victory over Stephenson, and waited for what turned out to be a re-match versus Strickland.

On the one-loss side, where the younger Petrosino had already been consigned to a spot among the eight players tied for 17th place, Strickland first faced Belinda Lee. Lee had gotten by current OB Cues Tour Champion Lisa Marr 7-1.  Next up was Orietta who would defeat her 7-3. Trammell squared off against Michelle Cortez with a score of 7-3.But she also could not get past Strickland who scored a 7-3 victory.  Belinda and Michelle finished 5th-6th.  While Deedra attained her highest tour finish in 4th place. Orietta then went on to defeat Stephenson double hill in the semifinals. Julie finished 3rd place ironically the same spot she had at the Billiard Den event in 2010.  Awesome job, Julie.

Orietta, sponsored by Billiard Den and Tight Pocket Video Productions, was anxious to meet Petrosino once again to avenge her earlier loss.  But Terry, always a tough competitor, took the opening and only set of what would have been a true double elimination final with a score of 7-3.  This is Terry’s second tour stop win and we are sure there will be many more to come.  Congratulations Terry!

On Sunday, 12 players participated in the $200 added second chance event, including Terry’s daughter, Robyn.  Unlike her mother, the younger Petrosino had to come from the one-loss side to take home the Second Chance prize after losing the hot seat match against Tera Saunders.  Robyn went on to take the opening set of the true double elimination final 5-4, and then went one better to take the second set 5-3.

Terry and Robyn Petrosino

Main Event Tournament Payouts:  ($2000 monies added) – 42 players

1st – Terry Petrosino – $750

2nd – Orietta Strickland – $550

3rd – Julie Stephenson – $400

4th – Deedra Trammell – $260

5th – Belinda Lee, Michelle Cortez – $155

7th – Lisa Marr, Shayla Neris – $100

9th – Tera Saunders, Tara Williams, Kim Pierce, Tracie Voelkering – $70

13th – Susan Petty, Melinda Bailey, Amanda Lampert, Jennifer Kraber – $35

17th – Tiffany Boysen, Corina Campbell, Natalie Mans, Kathy Knuth, Robbie Daugherty, Robyn Petrosino, Jennifer Pavlovick, Michelle Prince – $20

Second Chance Payouts:  ($200 monies added) – 12 players

1st – Robyn Petrosino – $130

2nd – Tera Saunders – $100

3rd – Michelle Prince – $60

4th – Monica Anderson – $30

Other Tournament Winners:

3) Mobil Gas Cards ($50 each) – provided by long time tour supporter – Amber Stone, Julie Enzenberger, and Kristin Hill

3) Starbucks Gift Cards ($25 each) provided by tour supporter – Susan Petty, Tanya Dorton, Shayla Neris

Cue Grabber – Kim Pierce who gave it to Jennifer Kraber as it was her birthday

Strok-N-Style Gift Certificate – provided by Pro Player Ellen Van Buren – Sonja Boles

Magic Rack – Corina Campbell (special thanks to Julie and Todd Comitini for providing 50 Magic Racks to the Tour)

The Monk DVD – Terry Petrosino

$30 Free Tournament Entry – Jennifer Pavlovick

OB Cues (2) – John Walker, local Billiard Den customer; Gary Howell, OBCLT supporter

Next stop:  Magoo’s, Tulsa, Oklahoma – July 23rd-24th

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