New Annual Membership Dues Payment Plan

Written by csa. Posted in Womens 9 Ball

When you play at your first event on the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour at the beginning of a new year, you must pay OB Cues Ladies tour annual membership dues of $20 along with the tournament entry. *

For 2013 we are implementing a new annual membership dues payment plan. You can pay $10 towards your annual membership dues along with the tournament entry. And when you play in your next event during the year, you can pay the remaining $10 to complete payment of your OBCLT membership dues.

Of course, you can still pay the full $20 membership dues and the tournament entry all at once, if you so choose.

*If you paid the membership dues at the last OB Cues Ladies tour stop which was December 2-3, 2012, your membership dues have been carried over for 2013 and no further membership dues payment is required. Every OB Cues Ladies 9-ball tournament entry is $30 which has always been the tournament entry since 1994, one of the lowest ladies tournament entry fees in the country.

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