GB9 2013 Season – A view from our players…

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As the GB 9 Ball Tour enters its sixth season of competition, we are seeing the player base grow not only from within the British shores but also with the inclusion of players from continental Europe. In the build up to the forthcoming 2013 season beginning this coming February, GB9 have gathered the views of both current players who will be returning to the table, and new professional players looking ahead to their first event.



6 x World Pool Masters champion, 2002 US Open champion, 2008 World 8-Ball champion and 5 x Mosconi Cup winner with Team Europe

‘Without a doubt the British players have become not only very strong but very successful over the last 5 to 6 years. There must be a reason for that and I think and believe that one reason is the good and tough competition on “the island” with the GB 9 Ball tour. Besides the very tough Euro Tour, I was looking for more good competition in Europe and that is the number 1 reason to come to Great Britain and compete with the top players there. Besides that, I know from playing in many Mosconi Cups and World Pool Masters competitions that the crowd in Great Britain is awesome and likes me, which is another good reason to play on GB9. I am really looking forward to playing on the 2013 tour and hope it develops even bigger than it already is.’



GB9 2013 Season – A view from our players… COURTNEY SYMONS

British #31 and GB9 player since 2011

‘I started playing 9-ball in 2005 after stopping playing snooker as I couldn’t give enough time to practice . I’ve stunned myself with how well I have done given the increased level of standard on the tour. I’m really pleased that the format and prize money will be changing next season as I think I would have found it tough in the former Pro Cup division. I feel that the tour will only get bigger and draw a huge number of high class players from Europe which will only make it better and challenge us players already doing well on tour. It’s where the good players want to be and it’s the stage we want to perform on. I started playing 9-ball by chance but fell in love with it because there were so many dimensions to the game. The kicking, breaking and jumping made it a more exciting and explosive game for me. It gives me as much pleasure as making a century at snooker. I only played 2 events in 2011 due to work commitments but was committed to the 2012 year fully for the first time and had no hesitation in signing up for the 2013 season.’



2005 World 8-Ball finalist, 2009 World Pool Masters finalist and 4 x Mosconi Cup winner with Team Europe

‘I am really looking forward to next year’s pool season, which for me will now also include the GB 9 Ball Tour. Great Britain is, in my eyes, the strongest pool playing country in Europe. I have played in Great Britain several times before and one thing I’ve noticed is that besides the well-known professionals there are a lot of other very good players within the country. I heard that the GB9 is very well organised and that is one thing which attracted me to play next year. I hope we all have a very good 2013 and I hope I start my time on GB9 well in February.’




British #8 and GB9 player since 2011

‘I’ve been playing on the GB 9 Ball Tour as a full time member for almost 2 years. Before that, I was playing in the odd events each season as I was still playing a lot of English pool. I started playing 9-ball after the successes the British lads were having and, after speaking with Darren Appleton and Chris Melling, they suggested my style of game would be suited to American pool instead of English pool. I took their advice and here I am! I’ve had a few good results in various tournaments and money matches. Personal highlights so far on the GB 9 Ball Tour are my current main ranking which is 8th, semis in a main event, semis in a challenge event and finishing in the top 8 of the Challenge division in my first full year playing on GB9 back in 2011. I think GB9 has the potential to be the best tour in Europe in the next 2-3 years. I think it’s excellently run by great people who have been making improvements year upon year by listening to the players and making the changes suggested by them. After all, it really is a tour run by players for the players. I’m looking forward to the new format in 2013 – I think it could attract a lot of new faces from the UK and Europe which can only be good for the tour.’


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