2013 Super Billiards Expo Moves to New Jersey

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June 18, 2012 · 2 Comments

2013 Super Billiards Expo Moves to New Jersey News Flash! The 2013 Super Billiards Expo will be held April 4-7, at the New Jersey Convention Center in Edison, NJ.

The site is 15 minutes from Newark International Airport and very close to a confluence of major highways, including the New Jersey State Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway.

"We tried to work with Oaks to improve things that we needed changed, but they responded by wanting to give us less space," said Allen Hopkins, the event promoter.

"The new location will have carpeted ballrooms for the 3-Cushion and Trick Shot events, and carpeted areas for other events, including the ACA banquet room. There are more bathrooms and better lighting, and parking is good. Overall it's simply a much nicer facility and I think everyone will be pleased. The host hotels, a nice Sheraton and a Hilton, will be running shuttles to the expo."

For more info on the New Jersey Convention Center, visit www.njexpocenter.com. For more on the Super Billiards Expo, visit www.superbilliardsexpo.com.


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